YOUR MONEY AT WORK: Math Whiteboard Tables Arrive at CPMS


Thanks to the generous fundraising of last year's PTC, our math classrooms just got an incredible upgrade. 46 new whiteboard tables have arrived & are being assembled and moved into every single math classroom.

These whiteboard tables not only save on space (goodbye to the bulky octagons!), but they also provide a beautiful, collaborative surface for students & groups to work together to solve all the math problems of tomorrow.

Once again, this upgrade would not have been possible without the incredible support of this parent community.

Cedar Park 5K: Where the Money Goes

Our one and ONLY fundraiser is a week away! Read on to be inspired by the quality programming & support that your generous 5K dollars provide, then get started at

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 11.22.57 AM.png

What exactly are we funding here?

This 5K does all the heavy lifting– bulking up the library, supplementing our after-school clubs, providing transportation for enriching field trips, and most importantly, filling in those gaps where the regular school budget just ain’t cutting it.

Here are just SOME tangible examples purchased with PTC money last school year:

  • Whiteboard tables for 8th grade math classrooms

  • After-school club support

  • Lunch recess equipment (basketballs, soccer balls, etc.)

  • All-school socials & 8th Grade Send-off

  • Bus transportation for OSU Field Trip for 8th graders & 6th/7th grade OMSI experiences

  • Art literacy supplies 

  • Additional OBOB books & literacy support

  • PACK store supplies

  • Staff appreciation events

Want the nitty gritty details? Head to to poke through our financials.

2019-20 PTC Budget Boasts Exciting New Line Items

Your PTC Board is proud to announce several new additions to the 2019-20 budget. This school year ‘s budget includes:

  • Classroom Supplies ($2700) ($75 x 36 teachers): To be used at each classroom teacher's discretion to purchase needed classroom supplies

  • Student Fund for School Enrichment ($1000): To be used with Dr. A's student advisory council, this fund will provide student-led initiatives & improvements to CPMS.

  • Cedar Park Sign Rebuild ($5000): Provides a new sign to replace the previous rotted & damaged wooden one (removed last school year)

  • Sound System Upgrade ($1500): Funds to help boost the current cafeteria sound system

  • Phase Two Library Upgrade ($3500): Additional improvements to the library, most likely another couch/setting area set

  • Three Math Classroom Whitetables ($4500): The second phase in replacing the math classrooms tables, these new additions are a perfect fit for collaborative and inventive math work

These are in addition to the already-existing tradition of three grade level experiences for all CPMS students, as well as Art Literacy, PACK store, library/literacy support, and a $7500 School-wide Discretionary Fund (over seen by Dr. Anderson).

Dreams Above & Beyond Our Budget

We've always got big ideas! Here's a dream list if we are able to achieve beyond our $55k goal:

  • Outdoor & permanent ping pong tables

  • Additional whiteboard math tables (currently only in 8th grade classrooms)

  • Another phase of library updates

Ready to get started?

ONLINE: Head to

CASH/CHECK: Grab a 5K donation envelope from the main offer OR just return your donation in any envelope, with your child’s name & grade clearly marked. Checks made out to Cedar Park PTC.

Questions? Check out our comprehensive 5K newsletter or email our 5K team (

5K Timbers and Kingpins Winners Announced, Top Golf Raffle Next Week

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 11.22.57 AM.png

Another Friday, another round of 5K raffle winners! Congrats to 6th grader Carson P., the winner of four Timbers Army tickets for the September 25th game vs. the New England Revolution. Enjoy, Carson!

Our OTHER big winner is 6th grader Nolan P., who walks home with a Kingpins party for six.

The following students have won a Jamba Juice gift card:

6th Grade: Lucas B., Lily R., Lena B.

7th Grade: Elijah M., Ava L., Addison M., Samuel P., Evelyn L., Trevor B.

8th Grade: Jack D., Leanne V., Alyssa S., Hadley E., Griffin R.

Top Golf Drawing Next Thursday, 9/26

Next week's big drawing is a Top Golf experience. Also, four lucky students will win a MOD pizza. Every $100 donated earns an entry to win, so get your pledgestar page set up and emails sent to all your friends and family.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 9.58.55 AM.png

Our leaderboard is still tight! 6th grade is narrowly ahead of 8th grade by just $600. Let's keep the donations rolling in and don't forget ANY amount helps the cause. Let's reach our fundraising goal so we can all enjoy some awesome all-school events.

Ready to get started online? Head to our Cedar Park Pledgestar page, where you can build a simple and secure online fundraising page for your student, and qualify them for this week's raffle.

Volunteer Shifts Available

Our 5K volunteer shifts are live & available at

Shifts on Thursday, 10/3, include:

  • Set-up (8-9am)

  • 6th Grade (9-10:30am): Refreshments, Volunteer Table, Wristbands, Fun Stations

  • 7th Grade (11:50am-1:20pm): Refreshments, Volunteer Table, Wristbands, Fun Stations

  • 8th Grade (2:15-3:30pm): Refreshments, Volunteer Table, Wristbands, Fun Stations

  • Tear down (3:30-4pm)

Grab a friend, dress in orange & navy blue, and SHOW UP to cheer on our students!

Questions? Look through our 5K newsletter or email our 5K team at

Timbers Winner Announced, More Chances to Win Next Week


The first round of 5K raffle winners have been chosen and it's time to announce the lucky winners!

Congrats to 6th grader Cole S., who is our big winner of two reserved seating tickets to the September 25th Timbers game vs. the New England Revolution. Have fun, Cole!

The following 20 students have won a free Handel's ice cream cone card:

6th Grade: Michiru T., Halle L., Elise M. Olivia B., Zoe M., Noah H., Ruby B.

7th Grade: Corbin A., Dylan H., Jaden B., Rylan S., Ella N., Zach M., Gabby K., Ava L.

8th Grade: Benjamin B., Davis E. Tyler O., Caden S., Kaiden C.

Winners can pick up their items in the office.

Timbers & Kingpins Raffle Next Week

Our giving continues next week with another raffle and TWO MORE big prizes. Every $50 donated will enter students into a raffle to win four Timbers Army tickets to the September 25th Timbers game. A second winner will take home a Kingpins Bowling party for six.

Other prizes next week include a free Jamba Juice gift card for 14 lucky winners!

The more donors, the more chances to win, so send those emails to ask your grandma, grandpa, and that random uncle you barely know.

Get started at This drawing will take place next Thursday at 9pm.

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 9.47.39 AM.png

Keep it up, Timberwolves! The countdown continues to our 5K on October 3rd. Questions? Check out our 5K newsletter, complete with donation info, goals, incentives and sponsors.

Donate Online to the 2019 Cedar Park 5K, Earn Chance to Win 9/25 Timbers Tickets

Our ONLY Cedar Park fundraiser is around the corner & it’s time to get started!

We’ve upped our goal slightly this year, hoping to reach a record-breaking $55,000 in gross donations. And like last year, it’s a friendly race to the top to see which grade can bring in the most support. Every dollar counts, Cedar Park!

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 2.29.57 PM.png

Here’s how YOU can get a jump start on supporting the incredible school support & programs provided by the PTC and earn your child’s chance to win two tickets to the 9/25 Timbers game vs. the New England Revolution (reserved seating). All students with a registered Pledgestar page by Thursday, 9/12 at 9pm, will be entered to win.

Go to

  • Click “Not Registered For This Year’s Event”

  • Enter your name and email address, then click “Submit”

  • Follow the instructions on-screen to register students

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 11.22.57 AM.png

When you finish, the system emails pledge requests to your family and friends, and allows them to make secure credit card donations online. You are notified each time a pledge is made, and you can track your pledge progress online.

Call 1-888-598-7510 if you need help with Pledgestar.

And don’t forget to save Thursday, 10/3, on your calendar. We will see you at Cedar Park, cheering your baby on!

Questions about our 5K? Email

FIVE THINGS TO KNOW about the CPMS 5K Fundraiser

1. The 5K is the Cedar Park PTC’s only fundraiser.
Forget the extended magazine sales or monthly dining nights. Your parent-teacher club (PTC) is getting it done RIGHT NOW, so we can spend the rest of the year relaxing & watching our hard-earned donations being spent on our kids.

2. Donors have payment options.
Set-up an online fundraising page & solicit donors from family & friends across America. But if you’d rather just keep it old school & write us a check (or stuff a little cash in an envelope), we’ll take that too. Either way, it’s tax deductible!!

3. 5K information will be sent via email soon.
Be on the lookout for a 5K smore newsletter, headed straight to your inbox. We are DEDICATED to ensuring that you have everything you need to make an easy & confidant donation in your child’s school.

4. The 5K provides some pretty cool stuff that KEEPS CEDAR PARK AWESOME.
This 5K does it all– bulking up the library, supplementing our after-school clubs, providing transportation for educational field trips, and most importantly, filling in those gaps where the regular school budget just ain’t cutting it. Want nitty gritty? Head to to poke through our financials.

5. We need parents to make the day LEGENDARY.
The 5K team has got some pretty awesome ideas in their back pocket, but we can’t pull it off without YOU. Be on the lookout for our volunteer sign-ups or just plan on joining us on Thursday, 10/3.

2019 5K Seeks Sponsorships

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 8.22.50 AM.png

Dear Cedar Park Supporters,

Are you a business owner or partner in a local company? We invite you to be a corporate sponsor of our 2019 5K Fundraiser to support our school.

The Cedar Park 5K Fundraiser Committee is working to make our fundraising efforts bigger and better.  This is the one time a year we reach out to our community to raise money so that we can fund many experiences and projects for our students.  At $50,000 raised, we fund field trips including an 8th grade visit to OSU and 6th & 7th grade OMSI experiences, as well as allow our teachers to enrich their classes and the education of the Cedar Park students beyond the school budget.  This year we’re also aiming beyond $50,000 to support special school improvement projects in our innovative hands-on engineering lab, library and classrooms.

Would you help us accomplish these goals?

To become a sponsor, please send an email to  We will work with you to find the sponsorship level that is right for your business and also gives you the visibility in our community that you are looking for.  Note that sponsorship packages include signage hung along Cedar Hills Blvd.  Get your business information seen by 20,000+ vehicles per day!!

Sponsorship levels include our $2,500 Platinum Sponsor, $1,000 Gold Sponsor, $500 Silver Sponsor and $250 Bronze Sponsor.  Please see the reverse page for details and to learn how you can share visibility to our community while supporting excellence in our school.

Thank you for your support and investing in the youth of our community.  We look forward to a highly successful fundraiser working together.


The Cedar Park 5K Fundraiser Committee

2019 Cedar Park 5K Sponsorship Details

Platinum Sponsor - $2,500 

  • Title Sponsorship positioning on all marketing materials

  • 4’ x 6’ sign hung along Cedar Hills fence line

  • Logo/name on the School/PTC websites and on social media

  • Business name & logo on donation envelope

Gold Sponsor - $1,000

  • Logo / name on all marketing materials

  • ½ of sign along Cedar Hills fence line 

  • Logo/name on the School/PTC websites and on social media

  • Logo on donation envelopes

Silver Sponsor - $500

  • Logo / name on marketing materials

  • ¼ of a sign along Cedar Hills fence line

  • Logo/name on the School/PTC websites and on social media

Bronze Sponsor - $250

  • Business name on marketing materials

  • Business name on fence signage

  • Business name on the School/PTC websites and on social media

YOUR MONEY AT WORK–– PTC Funds New Library Furniture


At March’s PTC Community Meeting, community members approved $6253 of PTC funds to go towards the updating of new furniture in the CPMS Media Center (library).

Less than two months later, that furniture is now at the school and is being used daily by our Cedar Park student body.

Items purchased include:

  • Two new modular couches, plus one more traditional sofa

  • Two high tables and eight stools

  • A spring-loaded book return bin

Thank you to all our 5K donors who made this possible, as well as Debbie Hernandez in the CPMS library. The PTC hopes this can be the first of many phases of library improvement in the coming years.