Fall 2018 Dates Announced


As this school year begins its final turn, it is already time to begin planning for next fall.  Please mark your calendars for the following important fall dates at Cedar Park.  More detailed information and additional dates will be sent over the summer.


Wolf Day  Thursday, August 16

Students will be given schedules, receive chrome books (7th & 8th graders only), purchase prepackaged school supplies & PE shirts, and much more. This is an open house, drop-in event that usually runs the entire day. Specific start and end times will be given closer to the event.


New Family Picnic   Thursday, August 23

This evening event is geared toward our new families.  An easy dinner will be provided as students will have an opportunity to "walk" their schedule and meet other CPMS families, as well as several CPMS teachers and staff.


First Day of School (6th Grade Only)    Monday, August 27

Sixth graders will have the school (and the bus) to themselves as they experience CPMS for the first time.  WEB leaders will lead them through ice breakers and other fun activities.  Students will have a shortened schedule to meet all of their teachers.  Students do not need to bring anything except a lunch. CPMS' school day begins at 9:15am.


First Day of School (7th & 8th Grade)  Tuesday, August 28

The seventh and eighth graders will join the sixth graders on 8/28.


Cedar Park 5K   Friday, September 28

The PTC's only major fundraiser will take place on Friday, 9/28.  Volunteers will be needed to manage the chaos and ensure a successful event. Our goal is to make our full annual budget so we can sit back, relax, and watch our donations being spent for the rest of the school year.


Additional dates will be added, including Volunteer Orientations, our PTC "Meet & Greet" and Curriculum Night.  Be on the look out for more info as the summer progresses.


Volunteers Needed for 8th Grade Trip to OSU

Cedar Park's 8th graders will be headed to Corvallis this June for a day-long college experience field trip.  This opportunity is made possible by the generous 5K donations of the Cedar Park community. For many of our CPMS students, this will be their first experience on a college campus.

In order to accommodate the large number of students, two separate field trips are scheduled for Monday, 6/4 and Wed, 4/6. Each day will need a minimum of 15 chaperones each. 

***This field trip will not happen without the minimum number of chaperones.  

Volunteers will need to be at the school by 7:30 a.m. and will be back by the end of the school day. You do not need to be the parent of an 8th grader to volunteer. ALL Volunteers are welcome!

It's preferred that volunteers ride the bus with the students but you may drive as long as you are on time. Chaperones MUST stay with their assigned students at all times.

Monday, June 4 (Pearson, Hurd, Pinckney)

 SIGN UP HERE (12 more needed)

Wed, June 6 (Parks & McKay)

SIGN-UP HERE (six more needed)

Questions can be directed to Angela Redmon (angelaredmon@gmail.com).

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.05.59 AM.png

2017-18 Cedar Park Yearbooks Now On Sale

The 2017-18 Cedar Park yearbooks are now on sale for $15.  After May 31st, the price goes up to $20.  Families have two options to purchase.


Cash or Check

Students or parents can bring in cash or check to the front office during lunch or after school.


Yearbooks can also be purchased online through BSD's online payment system, https://or-beaverton.intouchreceipting.com/.  

Once you are logged in, click on your middle schooler's profile.  Select "School Items," and then "Fees."  You will see yearbooks listed in the inventory, ready to be purchased. Please note: Yearbooks are listed under "Fees." The yearbook tab (under School Items) merely gives price hike info.

Questions can be sent to Tona Hattery (tona_hattery@beaverton.k12.or.us).


Eight Grade Send-Off Volunteer Opportunities

On the last day of school (Tuesday, 6/19), the 8th graders will enjoy a fun-filled send-off with a PTC-funded ice cream social, as well as a variety of party activities. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 8.41.05 AM.png

We need volunteers to provide man power and crowd control that day.

  • Sign up to help with the ICE CREAM SOCIAL HERE (noon-1:15pm)
  • Sign up to help with the ACTIVITIES HERE (1:15-2:30pm)

Questions can be directed to Angela Redmon (angelaredmon@gmail.com).

Volunteers Needed for Final 8th Grade Art Lit Lesson

The eighth graders of Cedar Park are exploring a unit on the American Civil War. The CPMS Art Literacy Program is expanding on this topic by studying the Civil War photographer, Mathew Brady.  If you’ve seen a Civil War photo, it was probably done by Mathew Brady or one of his photographers.

Art Lit Volunteers will take a portrait of your student(s) in the style of Mathew Brady.  Costumes are supplied by Art Lit.  Volunteers are needed to help students choose costumes and assist students putting costumes on over their clothes.

Because Art Lit does not extend into high school, this is your middle schooler's last Art Lit lesson at BSD.

The remaining schedule for this week is:

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 7.40.31 AM.png

Friday, May 11 (Ms. Pearson)

  • Core 1 & 2  9:00-11:15am  
  • Core 3 & 4  11:15 - 1:30pm 

Monday, May 14 (Ms. McKay)

  • Core 1 & 2  9:00-11:30am
  • Core 3 & 4  11:45- 1:15pm

Wednesday, May 16 (Ms. Parks)  

  • Core 1 & 2  9:00-11:00am
  • Core 3 & 4  10:45-1:15pm

If your child DOES NOT want their portrait taken, they may opt-out. If your child needs extra time, email the Art Lit coordinators to set up a time when it is not hectic.

Boys, please wear dark pants (chino-type) or jeans.  This also goes for girls planning to fight in the war.

Volunteer shifts are available at myvolunteerpage.com.  

Questions can be directed to MaryBeth Piccirilli & Daphne Teals, Art Literacy Coordinators (Cpms.art.lit@gmail.com).

Cedar Park Art Literacy is made possible by the generous 5K donations of our CPMS community members.  

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Important 6th Grade Outdoor School Info- READ ME

Outdoor School is coming up fast. Read on for some important info.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 9.43.26 PM.png

DROP OFF PACKED BELONGINGS Fri, 5/18 or Sunday, 5/20

We need all supplies dropped off BEFORE the Monday students leave for camp. Please drop off your child’s belongings at one of these two time ONLY, in a specially designated area for your child’s team.

All items need to be clearly marked with your child’s name (first, last, and team name) in marker or on masking tape.

  • Friday, May 18th between 4:00-4:30 pm
  • Sunday, May 20th between 3:00-4:30 pm

Parents needed to help manage this process. SIGN UP HERE TO BE A HERO. 

  • We need people to make sure items are labelled with first/last/team name and in the correct location for our Monday morning departure.
  • All student baggage should be dropped up the designated times Friday or Sunday before outdoor school .
  • For two of the teams, items are loaded into a UHaul well before students leave Cedar Park.  Volunteers will help each student double check labels on their gear.
  • On Monday before departure, we need volunteers to load everything onto the correct vehicle.  Packers will work with every student and be very busy for about half an hour.



We will have the challenge of loading about 350 students on 8 busses to 3 camps.

#1 - PLEASE arrange carpools with other families from your child’s school team (Amazon, Yukon, or Limerick). Each hall has different arrival and departure time in an effort to to minimize the number of cars in our parking lot that morning. Even so, parking will be crowded. There will be some overlap with our regular bus arrival, as well.

#2 - Help your 6th grader pack as efficiently as possible. Your child should be able to carry their own belongings.   Checklist & tips for packing for ODS can be found HERE. 

#3 - MOST IMPORTANT - We need volunteers to help. If you are interested in helping us (we can’t do this without you!) please use this Sign Up Genius to sign up for your student’s team: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f044dacae2daafd0-6thgrade


Detailed Bus Loading Plans

 Camp Magruder, south of Rockaway Beach

Camp Magruder, south of Rockaway Beach

Yukon @  Magruder

•Student Arrival time: 8:15 am - Please arrange for carpools with other families from your team. Arrival time is well before the regular bus drop off time.

•Student gathering location: B6-Ms. DeLong’s room

•Busses arrive in BACK parking lot  & leave promptly at 8:45 am; do not be late or you will miss the bus!

 Trickle Creek, near Salem

Trickle Creek, near Salem

Limerick @  Trickle Creek

•Student Arrival time: 8:45-9:15 am - Please arrange for carpools with other families from your team. Students may take their regular bus if needed, but cannot bring all their items on the bus; there is not room. Baggage must be dropped of the Friday or Sunday prior to outdoor school at the designated times.

•Student gathering location: Cafeteria

•Busses arrive at 9:00 am & leave promptly at 9:20 am; do not be late or you will miss the bus!

 Cedar Ridge, outside Vernonia

Cedar Ridge, outside Vernonia

Amazon  @  Cedar Ridge

•Student Arrival time: 8:45-9:15 am - Please arrange for carpools with other families from your team. Students may take their regular bus if needed, but cannot bring all their items on the bus; there is not room. Baggage must be dropped of the Friday or Sunday prior to outdoor school at the designated times.

•Student gathering location: Fitness gym

•Busses arrive at 9:20 am & leave promptly at 9:25 am; do not be late or you will miss the bus!



If you child will need to take any medications at Outdoor School, a parent must bring it in before May 10  (we need time to organize and pack it all up).  It must be in the original container with the prescription, and please all their meds in a clear Ziploc bag with your child's first and last name. 

Students may not transport medications! If you child has an Epi-Pen or Inhaler already kept at school, we will send that one to Outdoor School with them.


If you are able to donate boots, raincoats or sleeping bags you no longer need, please drop off at Cedar Park by May 14.



Parent pick up times for students after ODS. ***Please Note TIME CHANGE!

This is an early release day. We do not have space to store student belongings, nor can suitcases go on the bus. Please make arrangements to pick you child up at the following times:

  • Amazon- returns at 12:30pm
  • Limerick-returns at 12:30pm
  • Yukon-returns at 2:30pm




Questions can be directed to Megan Clifford, CPMS Vice Principal (megan_clifford@beaverton.k12.or.us).

Staff Appreciation Opportunities This Week

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 7.42.55 AM.png

Staff Appreciation Week is here!

On Monday, our incredible staff enjoyed a PTC-funded catered Hawaiian lunch from 808 Grindz, made possible by your 5K donations.

Wednesday will be a taco lunch organized by our CPMS admins.

Parents will be providing a variety of chips and salsa (excellent with taco leftovers) for the staff on Thursday, 5/10. Store bought or homemade dips are perfect. Please have all items delivered to the school by 10am.

  • Sign up for CHIPS HERE
  • Sign up for DIPS HERE

We will also be providing a candy bar on Friday, 5/11.  Candy donations will need to be dropped off Wednesday the 9th at 10am.

  • Sign up for CANDY  HERE

Students and parents are also encouraged to write a note of thanks to their teachers.

Questions can be directed to Angela Redmon (angelaredmon@gmail.com).