CPMS First Lego League Info Meeting this Thursday, 8/23

Cedar Park's First Lego League will be holding a short newcomer informational meeting this Thursday, August 23rd at 6:30pm (directly after the New Family Reception) in the Media Center at Cedar Park Middle School. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 6.02.27 PM.png

At this meeting you can learn what First Lego League is about including:

  • potential teams
  • meeting times/places
  • team support
  • cost
  • time commitment
  • duration of the season
  • learning gains
  • overall enjoyment of the program that the current team members can share.

Prior to the meeting, please consider volunteering, mentoring, or coaching part of a team, or if you know of anyone that is connected to the space industry that could be a contact for the research our students will be conducting, please email Christina Schulz (caschulz@gmail.com). 

These teams are run on parent volunteers and will not be possible without parent coaching.  Anyone who doesn’t mind working with middle school students can be an excellent FLL coach. The more support offered to our students, the better!

Get a feel for the Cedar Park Middle School Robotic Timberwolves by exploring their twitter feed,  More info regarding First Lego League can be found at http://www.firstlegoleague.org.

Thank you for showing interest in Cedar Park’s FLL Lego Robotic team, and we hope to see you this Thursday!

Advice from the Trenches: Veteran Parents Offer Insight

Let’s face it, folks.  Middle school can be scary and intimidating for parents and students alike.  As part of our community survey last spring, we asked CPMS parents to share any hard-earned knowledge. Here’s that sage advice from our veteran parents who have spent time in the tween trenches.  We can all learn a thing or two to up our game!



  • Buy the biggest binder you can with a zipper, no matter what the teachers tell you.

  • Buy lots of tape-- your kids go through it fast.

  • Remember that your kid has a PE shirt which may need periodic washing. Also, go bigger on the shirt size so it lasts three years. Put your name on it or you will never see it again.

  • Don’t get the spirals with perforated pages that come out easily-- they all rip out with constant use.  And buy a few extra spirals at the beginning of the year. The kids have to replace them several times during the year and it’s nice to have some on hand at home.



  • Figure out ParentVUE and Canvas as soon as you can. Use it often!

  • Set up a Parent Observer account on Canvas.  Even if you don’t check regularly, the system sends you a kind of weekly recap, which is a great conversation starter with your middle schooler about their assignments.

  • Think about getting the ParentVue app.  Makes it easy to check things.


Communication with Staff

  • Be in touch with teachers and your child’s counselor about concerns. Teachers like students to email them directly with questions too.

  • Play an active role in your child's success by communicating with your child's teachers and counselor from the very beginning. Let them know what your child needs to be successful and how you will partner with them. Do not hesitate to be your child's advocate for fear of getting over-involved. You can always back off later.

  • There are many different ways that teachers communicate - makes it difficult to know what’s going on from class to class. One teacher uses google classroom, another canvas, another remind. It takes awhile to figure out who does what!

  • Look through your child’s spirals every now and then to find out what they’ve been up to.

  • It's super important to proactively reach out to the teachers with questions, concerns and clarification. They have so much to juggle that some kids may not get the attention they need because they are just getting by--don't be afraid to ask for updates.

  • Attend Back to School night!  Gives invaluable information!



  • Volunteering is a great way to see what your kids are doing every day, meet teachers and school staff.

  • Middle schoolers are incapable of being quiet or still for long. If you volunteer in the classroom, adjust your expectations.

  • Middle school volunteering looks different than in an elementary school.  The volunteer opportunities are less frequent (especially in the classroom), so prepare to feel less connected to your child and the school.

  • Do not listen to your child if they tell you not to get involved. Involvement is just different at the middle school level, but still critical for helping your child navigate their way through.

  • Even if your child doesn’t want you at school, there are a lot of ways to volunteer that don’t directly involve them, which means you still get a feel for the school, but your child isn’t embarrassed.

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to a teacher and just volunteer your time, even if they haven’t sent anything out.  They might have something for you!


Parenting Tween/Teens

  • Emotions run high during these years. Your job is to be the steady oak in the midst of that storm. Don't get sucked in to their drama, but do make sure you are a refuge for your child and that you have their back if they need support.

  • Know your child and their strengths and weaknesses. Advocate for them. Encourage your child to strive to be a better, more compassionate person.

  • Talk to your kids. Middle school is awkward for everyone and it is the time your kids need an adult in their life to help them navigate challenges at school, with friends, with changing hormones...find a few minutes a day and just talk to them.

  • Your child should be prepared to be self reliant and organized.

  • Do some reading on executive function in teens (just google it).  There is so much development happening in their little brains that it’s important to know what to reasonably expect from them.

  • Do your best to let them be their own advocate with their teachers.  THEY should be emailing with questions about an assignment. THEY should talking to the teacher about a late paper.  Your student will probably hate that, but it’s important to set the example that they are in charge of their own learning and assignments. You can always step in later, but give them the chance first.

  • Grades are secondary.  The most important thing to be teaching them right now are study skills and organization.

  • Since IB grades are 1-8 and most are year long goals, don’t be surprised if scores are low at the beginning of the year. Twice a year, those numbers are converted to grades ie 6.5-8 = A, etc.

  • While tempting, this is NOT the time to back away from our kids. Stay as informed as you can about their life and struggles.



  • Have your kid do after school activities with other Cedar Park kids - it's about the only way you'll meet other kids and their parents.  

  • After school clubs start in October so keep a look out for the sign-ups!

  • Get to know your kid's friends. Have them over to your home after school/weekends.

  • Don’t worry about your child having to share a locker. They get to spend time getting to know their classmates before a choice is made for a locker-mate.

  • If your child is placed in a team with few to no good friends from elementary school, he/she will be fine. My daughter has made a whole new set of friends this year on her team and still has all her good friends from elementary school.



  • Realize that the kids all have a google account through BSD, which means they can go to google hangouts whenever they want.  

  • Be sure you are monitoring what they are doing on their chromebook at home because they probably have more access to things then you think.

  • Per Dr. Anderson, PARENTS are in charge of the chromebook at home.  At school, teachers have a program that tells them if a child is on a site that is not a part of the curriculum.



  • Read the emails that are sent to you!! It has a lot of great info :)

  • It's not scary. Staff are super supportive.

  • Add as many neighbors as you can to your emergency pick up list.  When there’s snow closures, it’s nice to carpool with neighbors and not have to have the office call you to authorize.

  • If your child is burning through their lunch account, maybe just check online to see what they’ve been purchasing.  It will probably shock (and horrify) you!

  • The bus app is actually pretty helpful.

  • Contact Transportation directly if you have bus-related issues.

Online Student Info Verification Opens Thursday, 8/9

BSD parents and guardians have the ability to verify their child(ren)'s enrollment information through the parent portal,  ParentVUE, beginning this Thursday, 8/9.

TO SAVE TIME AT WOLF DAY, it is easier to have this verification already completed prior to attending.  However, computer kiosks will be available at Wolf Day, 8/16, for parents needing to verify student information.

Feel free to watch a helpful video or view this flyer (English Spanish) to help you through the process.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 4.43.06 PM.png

If you have not created your ParentVUE account yet:

Contact Cedar Park to obtain your activation key code. With your key code in hand, go to the ParentVUE login page, click I am a Parent, select Activate my Account and enter the requested information such as your email address.

If you do not have an email address, contact CPMS to manually create your User Name and Password.


After logging into ParentVUE:

Click on the Messages link to access your child's enrollment information. 

You will be presented with the Review/Submit page to verify your child's enrollment information. You can click through each of the sections (e.g. Family, Parent/Guardian, Emergency, and Students) to edit the information for each of your children. Click Review and edit data.

Once confirmed, click Submit to complete your child's enrollment information.



Learn more about online verification HERE.

Follow How-To Steps HERE.



Supply Donations Always Welcome at CPMS

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 9.40.43 AM.png

The reality of limited state funding means our local schools operate on a rather tight budget.  

If you'd like to boost Cedar Park's cupboards and help start 2018-19 off right, please consider donating any of the following items.

  • Box of tissue
  • Band-aids
  • Ream of white copier paper (20lb weight)
  • Ream of colored copier paper (20 lb weight)

Items can be brought into the front office at any time during the year.  This is totally optional, but a huge help to our teachers and staff.

Skip the Line: Pay Fees & Purchase School Supplies Online

2018-19 CPMS fees, school supplies, and other items are now available for purchase online.  Make your Wolf Day easier by pre-purchasing these items and BRINGING YOUR RECEIPT WITH YOU on Thursday, 8/16.

Required for students new to CPMS:  Chromebook insurance ($20- listed under FINES) & PE t-shirt ($20)

Required for 7th & 8th grade: Chromebook insurance ($20- listed under FINES)

Available School Supply Packages:

  • Zippered Binder and Supplies with Scientific Calculator- 7th & 8th grade ($70)
  • Zippered Binder and supplies with Regular Calculator- 6th grade ($55)
  • Zippered Notebook with Supplies only ($50)
  • Supplies only ($25)
  • Scientific Calculator- 7th & 8th grade ($20)
  • Basic Calculator ($5)
Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 1.25.00 PM.png

Other Optional Items Available:

  • Hard Chromebook cover ($20)
  • Soft Chromebook cover ($10)
  • 2018-19 Yearbook ($15)

To access the In Touch Online Payment System, you will need an active ParentVUE account. Additionally, first time users will need to create a unique payment portal password (different from your ParentVUE password). Here are some rather helpful In Touch instructions. 

CLICK HERE to work smarter, not harder and pre-purchase your student's 2018-19 needs.

PLEASE NOTE:  The required $20 Chromebook insurance is listed under Fines.  The system will prompt you to pay this first BEFORE allowing you to shop for other items.

Unable to attend Wolf Day?  You may purchase items online, but students will not be able to pick them up prior to their first day of school.  There is a grace period for supplies and PE t-shirts, so no need to stress.

Rather brave the Back to School aisles yourself?  Here's a pdf of Cedar Park's 2018-19 school supply list. 

Questions?  Tona Hattery (tona_hattery@beaverton.k12.or.us)

2018 Cedar Park 5K Moves to Thursday, 10/4

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.02.24 AM.png

Cedar Park PTC's biggest fundraiser, the Cedar Park 5K, has been moved to Thursday, 10/4.  

The largest reason for the move is the notification that CPMS sixth graders will be attending Outdoor School during the last week of September, which included the original 5K date. Cedar Park science teachers have lobbied for years to have a fall Outdoor School date, as it facilitates team-building at the start of school.

The Thursday date was chosen as to not conflict with the Jog-a-thons of two of our biggest feeder schools, Bonny Slope and Ridgewood, which are scheduled for 10/5.  

After careful consideration, Dr. Anderson and the 5K leadership felt that the move made the most sense.  5K information will be going home the first week of school.

Questions regarding our biggest fundraiser can be directed to Karen DiPietro, CPMS 5K chair (cedarpark5k@gmail.com).

Cedar Park Cross Country Registration Opens 8/18

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 3.53.21 PM.png

Registration for Cedar Park Cross Country program opens on Wednesday, 8/18 through the THPRD website.

Cedar Park's cross country season will run Tuesdays and Thursdays (4pm- 5:15pm), September 11 through October 26th and will include four cross country meets.  

Practices will take place at Cedar Park Middle School.  A team t-shirt is included.


REGISTRATION INFO   http://www.thprd.org   

  • Cedar Park   Class# CH29100      
  • Cost: $101 (Scholarships available)

If you are DO NOT have a THPRD account, parents will need to create one before the registration opens on August 18. Opening an account is free. More info to set-up an account can be found http://www.thprd.org/activities/create-an-account.



Email Lori Jensen ( ljensen@thprd.org) or call Cedar Hills Rec Center (503.629.6340).

Interested in financial assistance?  Call 503.629.6300.

Cedar Park MS Cross Country Flyer