Team LUX Science Works on Habitat Restoration Project

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This year, the 8th graders on team LUX took part in a Cedar Park neighborhood habitat restoration project. Students welcomed guest speakers and visitors from SOLVE, Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District and Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, to teach about invasive species removal and habitat restoration in the Pacific Northwest.

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Last January, Ms. Karper was awarded a grant by the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District to continue the invasive species removal work and to prepare the site for next year's replanting efforts. The students worked on a small forested plot near Cedar Park Middle School, on SW Park Way.

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“Thank you TSWCD!  With the funding we will purchase safety equipment and tools to more effectively remove the invasive blackberry and ivy from our conservation site. TSWCD has agreed to continue working with our students to learn how to identify plants and remove those not native to Oregon forests. We are very thankful for their partnership in our work,” says 8th grade science teacher, Kim Karper.

Once the invasive species are identified and removed, students next year will begin replanting the area with plant species that are endemic to this area, creating a more natural and healthier environment and will encourage the return of native insects and animals.