8th Grade Humanities Hopes to Boost Historical Fiction with BEF Fundraiser

Cedar Park’s 8th grade Humanities teachers are seeking community support to bolster the classroom libraries with historical fiction novels. Currently, this fundraiser is being hosted by the Beaverton Education Foundation (BEF).

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This fundraiser would bring in a slew of exciting and quality historical novels into every 8th grade Humanities classroom, an investment that touches every student including ELL, IEPs, 504s, and TAG students, for years to come.

Tricia Parks, a veteran CPMS’ Humanities teacher, describes the present need in the classroom, stating, “Our Humanities course covers three (yes 3!) subjects: History, Reading, and Writing. We are using book clubs to spark interest and discussion amongst our 300 kiddos.  While we had a few historical fiction titles, some were not popular/liked AND we need multiple copies per title in order to form proper book clubs.  The beauty of book clubs is students have a choice in the title they will read.  This means we have a cross section of lower and higher reading levels to choose from.”

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Parks also understands the value of having relevant, exciting, and quality classroom libraries and how that sparks students. “I also know through my 28 years of experience, the more a student reads, the more motivated they become to read, (because the skill increases).  The better the reader, the better the writer, the better the thinker, and a better informed student is the outcome.”

A full listing of the planned titles are available on the BEF fundraising page. Additionally, this fundraiser is being matched dollar for dollar (up to $500) for the first 96 hours.

CLICK HERE to support this valuable cause. Donations to the Beaverton Education Foundation (BEF) is a tax-deductible donation.