March 2019 Community Meeting Minutes

Your Cedar Park PTC held its March meeting on 3/11/19, with special guest, Beaverton HS principal, Anne Erwin.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 5.23.32 PM.png

Topics included:

  • Principal updates, including upcoming dates

  • Approval of Bettina Jeszensky as PTC treasurer for the remainder of the year

  • Approval of $6253 for library furniture upgrades, hopefully the first of several phases

  • Upcoming volunteer needs, including 8th grade field trip and art lit

  • Upcoming Beaverton HS fundraising events, including Shoshana Bean concert & Inspirit Auction

Explore the full recap HERE.

Our final PTC community meeting of the year will be Monday, 5/20 at 7pm.

February 2019 Community Meeting Minutes & Treasurer's Report

Your Cedar Park PTC held its February meeting last Monday, 2/11. Dr. Anderson and the PTC Board were on hand to give school & PTC updates.

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Topics included:

  • Cedar Park’s MYP review

  • Status of the new cell phone policy

  • Treasurer Report (through Dec)

  • Approval of $1500 for sound equipment in cafeteria

  • Approval of $5000 for white board tables for 8th grade math classrooms

Explore the full meeting minute HERE.

Questions can be directed to  Jana Drotzmann, PTC President. Our next meeting will be on Monday, 3/11 and feature Beaverton HS principal, Anne Erwin.

November 2018 Community Meeting Minutes & Treasurer's Report

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 8.46.16 PM.png

Cedar Park’s PTC held its November community meeting on Monday, 11/19. Dr. Anderson and the PTC Board were available to give updates about all things Cedar Park.

Topics included:

  • Schoolwide hallway painting

  • December’s board game drive for advisories

  • Upcoming 7th grade PTC-funded experience- King Tut exhibit at OMSI

  • Treasurer report

  • Final 5K updates

  • Current CPMS BEF Grant endeavors

  • First successful Cedar Cafe


The PTC is seeking a new treasurer for the 2018-19 school year. Mark Chen, our outgoing treasurer, has stepped away due to work conflicts. Any interested parents can contact Jana Drotzmann, PTC President.

October 2018 Community Meeting Minutes

Last month’s PTC meeting welcomed Cedar Park’s Safety Resource Officer, Matt Cline, to chat about keeping our kids safe online. Officer Cline is a Beaverton police officer assigned to Cedar Park (and several other BSD schools) to help support crime prevention in schools.


Before he took the stage, the PTC Board filled in the community with several PTC updates, including:

  • The 5K was a big success, exceeding its $50,000 goal

  • Volunteers still needed for Art Lit, AVID, and Wolf Work days.

Read the full minutes, including a recap of Officer Cline’s presentation HERE.

Additional parent resources can be found at:

Join us at our November PTC meeting on Monday, 11/19 at 7pm in the CPMS Media Center.

May 2018 Community Meeting Recap & Treasurer's Report

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 7.12.11 AM.png

Cedar Park's PTC held its May meeting last Monday, 5/21.  Dr. Anderson and the PTC Board presented recent events at Cedar Park to the attending parents.  Next year's budget was vote on and approved.

Topics included:


(Please note:  the initial draft of this recap inadvertently stated that all CPMS students would take AGS1 next fall.  Only 8th graders will be taking AGS1 in the fall).

With the passage of next year's budget, the PTC Board has since decided to cancel June's meeting. Thank you to all the parents who have participated and attended our PTC meetings this year. We will see you all in September for a parent "meet and greet" as we usher in a new school year.

Any questions can be directed to Jana Drotzmann, PTC President.


April 2018 Community Meeting Minutes & Treasurer's Report

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 7.29.00 PM.png

April's PTC Community Meeting was held on 4/16, with special guest, Lisa Senter, Cedar Park's MYP Coordinator.  Senter gave a quick overview of the MYP program here at Cedar Park, as well as gave info about the upcoming IB recertification.

CPMS Vice Principal, Mike Alpert, stepped in for Dr. Anderson, who had a conflicting District meeting to give valuable Cedar Park updates.

Topics discussed included:


The next PTC community meeting will be Monday, 5/21 at 7pm in the Media Center (library).  Any questions can be directed to Jana Drotzmann, PTC President.

February 2018 Community Meeting Minutes

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 4.26.31 PM.png

Better late than never!  Here's February's meeting recap, which was held in the CPMS Maker's Lab. Special guests included Danielle Alexander from "Yes to Beaverton Schools" and Todd Sheely and Luke Unger, who have been working with Dr. Anderson to improve our Maker's Lab.

 Topics of interest include:

  • Recent purchases using PTC funds, including an author visit, a 16 foot blow up screen, and new college banners for the halls
  • Cedar Park's new gym floor
  • May levy information
  • Maker Lab goals

Explore the FULL MEETING RECAP here.  

There was no community meeting in March. Any questions can be directed to Jana Drotzmann, PTC President.