Thank You 5K Donors: Your Money at Work in 2017-18

Last September, this Cedar Park community came together to fiscally support the students and staff of CPMS.  Our 2017 5K fundraiser (including the accompanying matching funds) raised just over $50,000, a record in recent memory.

The PTC budget provided an amazing number of explicit items for our students through the course of this school year, including:

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 5.52.48 PM.png
  • New Student Picnic
  • Art Literacy lesson for each grade
  • Staff Appreciation Week catered lunch for staff
  • Student planners for the 6th grade
  • PACK store supplies
  • 7th grade field trip to PSU
  • Support for OSU Field Trip for 8th graders
  • All-school winter social
  • 8th Grade Send-off

2017-18 Principal Fund

Our 2017-18 budget also included a Principal Fund listed at $11,500.  This line item allows for specific team, teacher, and grade level requests and is overseen by CPMS Principal, Shannon Anderson.

 Here’s a deeper and more comprehensive look at the impact that fund (and your generous donation) had at CPMS in 2017-18.


  • Bus to the Special Olympics event
  • Bus to Astoria to visit the Columbia River Maritime Museum


  • Apple TVs and iPad stands to replace eight document cameras
  • Two new projectors for rooms
  • Items for our emerging Maker Lab: stools, robotic hand, sensitized glove, tables, wire strippers, glue guns and glue sticks, cardboard cutters, drills, storage containers
  • Maker’s Lab speaker (24 Knots)
  • Art supplies including clay
  • Gloves for science
  • PE equipment
  • Power cord strips for classrooms


  • Additional funds to support two new after school clubs: Lego Robotics and Coding
  • Funds to start our Science Olympiad team
  • Table stand for Timberwolves News Network
  • Mathcounts registration
  • Registration for Spelling Bee and Geography Bee
  • Kettlebells for the Kettlebell Club


  • College pennants for school hallways
  • 16' projection screen for assemblies
  • SRC classroom mural painting project
  • Mulch and bark for outdoor gardens


  • Books for the library
  • Wristbands for the One Heart One Choice spirit week
  • Support for visiting author and books - Dan Gemeinhart
  • Replace novels for 8th grade
  • Additional OBOB books


  • Support for Young Audiences assembly last March
  • Lunch recess equipment (basketballs, soccer balls, etc.)
  • Earbuds to support student testing
  • Sound equipment rental for recent Annie Jr. production
  • CPMS t-shirts for 6th graders

THANK YOU to every single donor who made this success possible.  It is through our combined effort that CPMS continues to make strides and improvements to its programs and events.  Our success is indeed POWERED BY YOU.

We look forward to seeing you at our 2018 5K, scheduled for Friday, 9/28.