Cedar Park PTC Achieves 5K Dreams

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We did it, Cedar Park!  

The 2017 Cedar Park 5K completed its fundraising mission last week, collecting $50,496 and earning an all-school ice cream celebration.  This record achievement was made possible by the groundswell of generous parent and community support.  Thank you to every Cedar Park family who donated in any capacity to the PTC's continuing mission of improving Cedar Park.  

The team and individual competitions ended last Thursday, but donations are still welcome through October at https://www.firstgiving.com/411287/cedar-park-5k.  Top individual earners walk away with a lasered CP5K hydroflask, while fastest runners earn a jamba pack.  The three top grade-level teams will all enjoy an additional party.

Huge thanks are due to our 5K chairs, Erin Hire and Torey Muhs, and their hard-working 5K team.  This committee gave CPMS their most precious commodity– their time.  Weeks of effort went into this event and we are humbly grateful for every hour taken, from securing corporate sponsors to organizing event logistics.


Corporate matching funds are incredibly valuable to this 5K effort.  Columbia, Intel, and Nike all offer matching fund programs.  If you have questions regarding your online receipt or about matching your CPMS donation, please contact Torey (cedarpark5k@gmail.com).


School-wide goal:  $50,000  Actual:  $50,496    

Top Team by grade:

  • 6th - Amazon (McGrew) - $6602
  • 7th - Lotus (Masson/VandenHooff) - $6434
  • 8th - Endeavor (Murchison) - $4355

Top Fundraiser by grade:

  • 6th - Zach W. ($1100)
  • 8th - Henry D. ($750)
  • 7th - Elizabeth S. ($600)

Fastest Runners by grade + gender:

  • 6th - Caden S. (16:35)  /  Ellis R. (20:50)
  • 7th - Inbaa C. (17:21)  /  Violette B. (18:21)
  • 8th - Seth H. (18:43)  /  Natalie C. (21:00)

Once again, massive thanks to all who donated.  When we do this together, everybody wins.

5K Agonizingly Close to Achieving $50,000 Dream

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Our 5K journey is finally reaching its peak. We are so amazingly, unbelievably, awe-inspiringly CLOSE to achieving our goal of $50,000-- one of the biggest single fundraising goals set by the PTC in recent memory. 

As of this morning, we are just over $1000 away from reaching the top of our mountain.  Through matching funds, corporate sponsorships, and your own generosity, the summit is now within reach. Just like every student, EVERY.DOLLAR.COUNTS.

When we do this together, everybody wins.

Team Amazon (6th) continues to be in the lead overall,  but Lotus (7th) is coming on strong through envelope donations.  Endeavor continues to be in the lead for 8th.  

Additionally, two individual students have fundraised over $1000.  UNREAL.

Help push us to the top by turning in your cash/check donation to the office by today, Thursday, 10/12  or donate online at https://www.firstgiving.com/411287/cedar-park-5k.  

PTC Staff Appreciation Monthly Coffee Run

Facing a full classroom of 11 to 14 year-olds each morning is not for the faint of heart.  It takes a lot to be an effective middle school teacher– enthusiasm, patience, passion... and for many, a decent cup of coffee.

Support our teachers and their sanity by donating to the PTC's monthly staff appreciation coffee run.  Once a month, several volunteers sign-up to bring in a pound of pre-ground, non-flavored coffee to restock the coffee coffers in the staff lounge.

Donations can be left in the front office or in the teacher's lounge.  The brilliance of this opportunity is that your child can transport your donation to the office for you.  October's donations are due this Friday, 10/13.

Sign up here to donate a pound of coffee and save a teacher's morning.  The sign-up lists the entire school year, so take as many spots as you can.  CPMS teachers will thank you.

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October 2017 Community Meeting Minutes & Treasurer's Report

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Your PTC Board held their second community meeting of the year last Monday.  16 community members attended, included principal Shannon Anderson.  Discussion items included:

  • BSD's Budget Shortfall
  • Fall Conference Revamp
  • Canvas
  • Introduction of new Board members, Karen DiPietro and Mark Chen
  • June through September Financials
  • Revising PTC Meeting Dates (to avoid Sunset and Beaverton PTO meetings)
  • Art Lit Scheduling Conflicts
  • 5K Updates


The next PTC community meeting will be Monday, 11/20 at 7pm in the CPMS Media Center (library).  The PTC Board hopes to include a guest speaker on Internet Safety at this meeting.  Any questions can be directed to Jana Drotzmann, PTC President.

CPMS Book Fair Rides into Town 10/23; Volunteers Needed

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The annual CPMS Book Fair is scheduled for this October during the week of conferences.  Our Library Media Assistant, Debbie Hernandez, is seeking out volunteers to help set-up and man the fair.  The tentative schedule includes:

  • Monday, 10/23– Set-up from 2-4pm
  • Tuesday, 10/24– Preview for the kids.  Student supervision needed 10am-4pm
  • Wednesday, 10/25- Book Fair officially opens 2:30-8pm
  • Thursday, 10/26- Fair open 8am to 8pm
  • Monday, 10/30- Pack up 9-11am

Two hour shifts are available on myvolunteerpage.  An mVP profile  is required to volunteer during school hours.

Preview the titles at the Book Fair HERE.